Insurance and Finance

Risks of Hotels

What is covered? One of the branches of the economy of the city of Cancun, the Riviera Maya and another influence area is the hotel zone and in it lies the greatest point of specialization of RODMAR ASESORES, so we are proud to have specialized products of National insurance industry and International insurance industry for our customers as well as the experience and staff who have faced off next to this industry, some of the natural disasters and the most challenging accidents and have gone ahead with all the compensation required by our policyholders.

Benefits: Hotel companies count on…

  • The packages• The packages and special insurance coverages designed after a thorough diagnostic work done by our trading partners and our staff.
  • Packages• Packages of support in insurance and reinsurance directly with international organizations.
  • Simplified• Simplified administration systems of Hedge packet and employee groups.
  • Hedges• Hedges of Fire, natural disaster, civil liability and others that are commonly used by our customers or required by authorities.
  • Support• RODMAR ASESORES gives support on compensation to their customers, in an agile way, in a technology way and with knowledge of the ways of management and administration of losses that the hotel industry requires.