Insurance and Finance

Insurance of Construction

What is covered? The risk elements contracted during the construction of a civil work, as on damages caused to assets as on people, contemplating the many participants and contractors involved in the work.

Benefits: When having this protection, elements are solved …like…

  • Temporary• As an owner, temporary holder or lessee of lands, buildings or premises to be used to carry on construction (s), or as temporary housing for their employees. To assure the legal responsibility of the lessee for damages caused to a property taken on lease, it is requested an additional insurance coverage of legal civil liability of the lessee.
  • Tenancy• Derived from the tenancy and use of installations of loading and unloading, as well as work machinery.
  • Possession• Derivative of the possession and maintenance of parking lots and gas station at their service. To assure civil liability for damages caused to vehicles that are not owned by the insured (or their content) but that are in his or her power , Additional coverage is required of civil liability of the garage or parking lot to cars.
  • Maintenance• Derived from the possession and maintenance of health facilities and devices, and installations recognized by medical science, in case of having a Doctor´s office in the company.
  • Possession • Derivative of the possession and maintenance of social facilities (dining rooms, commerce, homes - home, kindergartens and the like), designated exclusively to their company.
  • Derived• Derived from the tenancy or maintenance of the facilities of blurb (advertisements, signs or others).
  • Security • Derivative of the possession and maintenance of security facilities (service against fire, guardian dog, alarm systems and the like)
  • Use• Derived from the use and maintenance of elevators, escalators and forklift.
  • Besides• Besides, it is insured under the terms of the insurance policy, the personal legal liability of employees and workers of the Insured, against third parties derived from the exercise of the activity subject of this insurance