Insurance and Finance

Life Insurance with Savings

What is covered? In addition to protection on account of death of the holder, insurance with savings components and investment components offer an enormous range of possibilities to build an estate with guarantee and financial security for the future, and many of them have significant tax benefits for deductibility of taxes.

Benefits: By implementing this type of project of savings/ project of investment, policyholders are able to…

  • Diversify• Diversify their investment options, reducing risk, obtaining liquidity and the warranty offered by the long periods, with the legal certainty of the insurances contract.
  • Building• Building a future heritage for studies, projects and family dreams.
  • Assuring• Assuring your projects of retirement, withdrawal and enjoy old age at no risk or worries for your economy.
  • identifies• RODMAR ASESORES identifies, facilitates and guarantees (when working with businesses with a path of over HUNDRED YEARS), that the agreed commitments are met without prejudice of devaluations effects or payments that compromise the current economy of their customers.