Insurance and Finance

Industry and Commerce

What is covered? From the responsibility for the operation of the company under normal circumstances, to the manufacture of products and even participation in fairs, exhibitions and other activities of employees and services of the organization.

Benefits: When counting on this protection, elements are solved, such as the following ones….

  • The civil• The civil liability of the assured derived from the activities of the industry is insured by damages to third parties.
  • As owner• As owner or lessee of lands, buildings or premises that may be used for the cited industry
  • Derived• Derived from the possession and use of loading and unloading facilities, as well as working machines.
  • Possession• Derived from the possession and maintenance of parking lots and gas stations at their service.
  • Equipment • Derived from the possession and maintenance of health facilities and equipment and facilities recognized by medical science, in case of having business office.
  • Security• Derived from the possession and maintenance of security at their service.
  • Facilities• Derived from the possession and maintenance of social facilities at their service (dining rooms, commerce, homes - home, kindergartens, schools, libraries and the like).
  • Sports • Derived from the use permit or allocation of places and appliances for the sports practice by the staff of their company. The personal civil liability of the participants in sport activities is not insured.
  • Festivities• Derivative of field trips and festivities organized to their staff.
  • Maintenance• Derived from the property or maintenance of the facilities of blurb (advertisements, signs or others) within or outside their estate.
  • Exhibitions• Derivative of their participation in fairs and .exhibitions
  • Escalators• Derived from the use of elevators, escalators and forklift.
  • Properties• Derived from the ownership, maintenance and use of load railway equipment, fixed or rolling, within their properties.
  • Personal• Besides, it is assured in accordance with the insurance policy conditions, the personal and legal civil liability of their employees and their workers before third parties derived from the activity subject to this insurance.