Insurance and Finance

Partners and Key Individuals

What is covered? A company that hires this type of insurance policy regardless of its fiscal application (tax deductible insurance policies for the hiring company), is delivered to it an amount of money that can be applied for the recruitment, training, or loss of revenue from a key person in the organization.

In addition, the partners of insurance allows them to count on the right amount of money for the purchase of shares and compensation to the relatives of a deceased partner, thereby taking control and possession of the shares of the company.

Benefits: The company, when having this protection …

  • Is protected• Is protected by having sufficient resources to make up for the loss of a person found to be essential to it, either a skilled technician or a partner or founder of it, or officials or leaders who are responsible or generators the prestige and / or sales of the company.
  • Partners• The insurance of partners meanwhile, is a fundamental piece of notarial agreements for the succession of a company, its implementation requires a highly specialized advice that contemplates business aspects, tax issues, family aspects, financial affairs and even psychological aspects the people involved.