Insurance and Finance


Benefits: Having this protection many elements are solved such as …
The company agrees to pay damages as well as consequential damages and moral damages that the insured caused to third parties and for which he is liable , under the law applicable to the current general liability legislation in Mexico (or foreign law in the case this coverage has previously agreed under the general liability insurance conditions for damages abroad), for acts or omissions not occurred willful negligence or incompetence in the practice of his profession during the term of this policy , and which cause death or impairment of health of such third parties, or damage or destruction of property owned by them , according to the terms and specifications agreed in the insurance contract.
Payment for damages, consequential damage and moral damage , for which the insured is responsible .

  • ExpensesThe payment of the legal aid expenses.
  • Bonds• The payment of premiums for bail bonds
  • Processing• The payment of expenses in connection with the processing and settlement of claims.