Insurance and Finance

Liability Insurance

What is covered? The responsibility for our actions that we have as people and companies in our everyday life and everyday treatment. And that because of the obligation to the various NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL LAWS AND REGULATIONS, we must carry on for the exercise of our activity and human coexistence

Benefits: When having this protection, some elements are solved. Like:

  • Damage c• Damage caused by people, objects we use in our daily.
  • The responsibility• The responsibility for the use or stay in our facilities and the services we provide inside such facilities (RC HOTELES).
  • Additional• Additional expenses that transfers, red tape and others represent, generated by the event such as legal expenses, and costs and travel expenses.
  • The responsibility • The responsibility we take by handling third-party goods.
  • Pets• The responsibility we acquire at being owners or at renting out a home, even when being responsible for our personnel and even pets.
  • Construction • The responsibility to build or participate in the construction of a structure or building.
  • Specificity For its specificity we will mention them in detail according to the policy insurance types that exist for this.