Insurance and Finance

Insurance of Hotels

What is covered? Responsibility upon hotels operation and that it may involve from the loss of objects from Guests, use of services, parking to loss of life and injuries occurring within the hotel, to the guests and visitors.
Benefits: Having this protection resolves elements such as …

As owner, lessee or usufructuary of the facilities included in the land, buildings or premises mentioned, such as:

  • Furniture• Furniture and ornamentation objects.
  • Kitchen• Kitchen, cafes, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, recreation rooms, games and the like.
  • Hygienic• Hygienic, electrical installations, television and radio antennas, elevators and hoists.
  • Security • Security installations
  • Pools• Pools, bathrooms, sports facilities, parks and gardens.
  • Fuel tanks• Fuel tanks, facilities for artificial climates.
  • Garages and parking• Garages and parking. In order to ensure damage to third party vehicles (or their content) in the power of the Insured, additional coverage of garage or car parking liability is required.
  • Advertising• Advertising facilities (advertisements, advertising posters or others), inside or outside their buildings.
  • Health facilities• Health facilities, as well as devices or other facilities recognized by medical science, in case of having a doctor's office for guests.