Insurance and Finance

Insurance of Household

What is covered? Many families take into account the value of their properties but not the value of the patrimony that its content represents. Due to the acquisition of personal assets and property of the family is gradual and therefore one ends up for not appreciating the amount of what might be lost because of a fire, hurricane or burglary.

Benefits: when having an insurance policy for their home, the client has.

  • Guaranteed • Guaranteed the value of their property and the contents of their house or apartment.
  • Indemnity• Indemnity guarantee by reason of the robbery of their properties either in the absence of the inhabitants or by an assault, even in public thoroughfare.
  • Possibility• Possibility to protect electronic equipment, jewelry and other valued objects, with prior description and acceptance from the insurance institutions
  • Support• RODMAR ASESORES Gives Support in the description, maintenance of a sum insured always real of your belongings and in the case of indemnities that proceed for the covered risks, generating in you the tranquility of having your heritage safe.