Insurance and Finance

Insurance of Family and Tenant

What is covered? The use or ownership of a house, apartment or any other type of room, involves the use of hazardous substances such as natural gas or liquefied gas, electricity and others that can affect properties or other people. It also can cover damage to other people or their property, by family members, people at their service and even pets.

Benefits: When having this protection, elements are solved …like…

  • Damages• Payment of damages to assets or people by fire or explosion generated by the property.
  • Expenses• Legal expenses incurred to carry on these obligations
  • Direct• The damages caused by children or direct relatives living in the house or apartment for the damages caused elsewhere (for explample: shopping centers).
  • Service• The damage caused by service personnel of the inhabitants of the home insured
  • Pets • The damages that pets may cause to the assets or people.
  • Rented• As the case may be, the damages that may be caused to the rented property by the lessee (NOT INCLUDE THE RISKS OF EVENTS OF NATURE, ONLY RISKS CAUSED BY THE TENANT)