Insurance and Finance

Insurence of Companies

What is covered? Through integral or specific insurance coverages, depending on the size of the organization, coverage is given on material assets, operations and even extraordinary expenses in which a company can incur, in case of a fire, meteorological phenomena and those that specifically wish to protect through specific conditions.

Benefits: When having this insurance policy, the company.

  • Transferred • The economic risk is transferred of a number of imponderable elements that can affect its normal operation.
  • Establishes • Establishes indemnities on account of what can affect their finance in case of having to remove rubble, go on with fixed expenses, to lose inventories and other consequences of a sinister in the company.
  • Civil responsibility • May count on insurance coverages of civil responsibility specific for its line of business or operation and such coverages may be as specific as may be requested.
  • Professionals • RODMAR ASESORES has a team of professionals with extensive experience in this type of insurance policy, which means that our customers can be confident that they are being advised and attended with high professionalism and technology that makes the difference.