Insurance and Finance

Personal Accident

What is covered? Individually or in groups, it is expected that the occurrence of events accidentally from because of the activity, sport, travel or exposure to risks might result in death, loss of a body part or bodily function, disability or medical expenses generated by this eventuality.
Benefits: Persons insured in such insurance policies count on…

  • Compensation • Compensation to their successors by reason of death in case of an accident
  • An amount• An amount of money in case of loss of a body part or bodily function, subject to a compensation table which is chosen based on their needs.
  • In some cases• In some cases, the cash compensation of an amount of money for temporary disability or partial disability that prevent them from fulfilling their normal activities.
  • The payment• The payment of primary medical expenses generated by the accident.
  • Schools• Ideal for Schools, Companies and executives who travel continuously.