Insurance and Finance

Major Medical Expenses

What is covered? The economic impact of a disease or an accident and your care in a private hospital may be even greater than the very death of a loved one or these coverages are nowadays essential for any family or company who wants a high level attention for their employees or for themselves and their loved ones.

Benefits: When counting on this protection to individuals, families and businesses …

  • They meet the cost• They meet the cost of hospitalization, medical care and all expenses related to the recovery of health, offered by renowned hospitals, participating only partially in spending of the deductible and coinsurance listed in your plan.
  • They can have unlimited • They can have unlimited Sums Insured, coverage abroad and various types of hospitals, and the fees and expenses may be paid directly to the hospital or doctor, at being part of the networks arranged for this effect.
  • Many plans• Many plans also have coverage for pregnancy, childbirth, loss of income due to hospitalization and many other varieties of services.
  • CoveragesRODMAR ASESORES makes out of these multiple coverages, a product suitable to their needs and possibilities, as well as to guarantee expert advice to companies in administration and indemnization generated by this type of coverage for employees and their families