Insurance and Finance

Individual Life

What is covered? The possibility of loss of life, total and permanent disability, as well as the implications of an accident for these events, are the most important and essencial risk that life insurances foresee. With this coverage, families, businesses and individuals substantially reduce the economic impact of the loss of life in future projects …

Benefits: When having this protection, the following elements are solved …

  • The impact• The impact of the loss of income by the resource provider or providers to the family.
  • Expenses• Expenses generated by total disability caused by accident or illness of the policy holder.
  • AdditionalAdditional expenses which represent the formalities, transfers and others generated if the death is caused as a result of an accident (eg car accident).
  • additional• There are additional clauses that protect other events related to these risks.
  • Insurance• Insurance policies in Mexico, define that after TWO YEARS of maintaining your protection in force, and continue with it punctually, the economic benefits agreed (INSURED AMOUNT OF MONEY DUE TO DECEASE), will be delivered to the beneficiaries without disputing the payment for any reason.