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Our service Essence: Quick answers, timely solutions
In a changing environment having information, actions and decisions especially regarding its risks and consequences caused by its management, represents one of our greatest challenges. Thus, in RR ASESORES we have the staff, technology and strategies to properly support you with accurate information and recommendations. These recommendations are since the proper coverage selection of the risk to the excellence in service follow up and advisory services of any of your insurance claims.

International Partnerships
With renowned companies and individuals in the international brokerage market for coverage placement of non typical coverage�s found in the domestic market. We also locally represent important International Insurance Brokers that enable us to protect the investments of several customers around the world with developments and properties in the most important Mexican destinations: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel , Isla Mujeres and Riviera Maya. Insurance Companies we represent

Timely underwriting of international business
High tech, electronic underwriting management, micro sites management services to corporations and domestic enterprises perfectly combined with the experience, contacts and insurance business negotiation level around the world. These services make our advice the main ingredient for an accurate protection program for your investments.

Experience in General Liability for the Hotel segment
With no chance of being wrong, the expert advice of our organization represents the cornerstone for a quick and accurate response in one of the main Hotelier risks to be covered: the safety of their customers within their facilities. RR ASESORES has had significant involvement in claims and coverage for national and international clients with a quick and accurate response to guests and their families from different countries around the world.

Coverage to more than 10,000 hotel rooms
It makes us undoubtedly one of the main risk advisors nationwide this industry, with the experience needed to manage and solve multiple types of insurance risk needs and claims. RR ASESORES is the advisory and consulting firm with the utmost seriousness and prestige in the southeast region of Mexico.

Specialists in hotels, condominiums and shopping centers
Our dedication to serving main corporate segments in the region has allowed us to establish business partnerships with builders, entrepreneurs and investors, as well as the residents, tenants and buyers who invest and believe in the potential of Mexico and its tourism, commercial and local domestic business industry.

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